3 June 2008

This is the most powerful method I have ever seen

Do you know what the most attractive thing is for a woman or a man? It is definitely not the physical beauty which obviously does not last a life time.

The most attractive characteristic in any person is their UNIQUENESS. It hits you on the face when you meet someone who is confident in every part of their living. You will sense that nothing is too much for them. They live in a world where all is well and no being in the world can make them negative.These people do not go rushing into negative moods when they hear something bad about their self. Instead they turn back to their soul and believe that they are the best they can be and that is all OK.

Try to look around you and find these people and start writing down what you observe because this is going to change your life in not only relationships but also in other areas of your life.

30 April 2008

Addicted to phone calls and text messages

When you are in a relationship, it all seems normal that you want to give your 100 percent. However, the receiving hand sometimes can not be in the same vibe and this creates major hiccups. In the beginning of your dating, you might be receiving 10 calls a day, countless small and sweet text messages and it makes you want to return the favor and start spending your life by a phone.

Apart from the obvious health problems mobile phones create, I really do not believe they add anything to your relationship. It raises THE BAR each time you send a reply to him or her. I mean there must be only a limited number of things you can really say in these small texts. I read and studied a lot about BODY LANGUAGE and the very first thing you learn in this topic is that it is not what you say that counts.

In a percentage, I believe only 10 percent of communication is about what we say and the rest of 90 percent is how we say it with our tone and body language. Tell me how are you going to achieve this with your phone?

Enough about the problem. So what to do when your partner keeps on sending these texts? I think the easiest option is not to rush too quickly in a response and be short with your response. In return what you will get is a committed partner who understands there is more to your life then messages him or her all day long. It might come across as a HARD reaction, but believe me you do not want your partner to think there is nothing else in your life

.Remember if something is not available, it is much more wanted and much more ATTRACTIVE.

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